Detecting Early Signs of Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer

Each of your routine dental checkups is designed to clean your teeth while monitoring the overall health of your mouth. It includes a polishing treatment to remove minor dental stains, while also watching for early signs of cavities and gum disease. The dental checkup concludes with our dentist performing a... Read more »

Mouthguards Are Important for Protecting Your Smile

Mouthguards should be part of everyone’s sports equipment to keep your their safe in case of an accident. Unfortunately, the need for a mouthguards can be easily dismissed, leaving a person vulnerable to severe damage to their teeth or mouth. Our dentist, Dr. Souvik Sarkar at Main Street Dental in... Read more »

The Basics: Bruxism

Problems with your smile can occur at any time, even while you are asleep. Bruxism, a condition characterized by grinding your teeth subconsciously or while you sleep can cause serious damage to your teeth. Several visual clues often present themselves when bruxism is present. If you wake up in the... Read more »

Let Us Help You Treat Cavities Before They Develop

It’s important that you report any extreme or ongoing tooth discomfort to your dentist, as this could be a warning sign of cavities in your smile. Restoring your tooth enamel before the inner tooth suffers significant damage can make all the difference in preserving your tooth. If you take time... Read more »

Got a Missing Tooth? Here Are Your Treatment Options

Although it’s uncommon, a tooth can go missing. Sometimes it occurs when a tooth is knocked out when a tooth is so decayed that it needs to be extracted, or even when an accident occurs and a blow to the face damages the smile. Having missing teeth can be quite... Read more »

Uncover Your Smile with Dental Bonding

  If you wish to enhance your smile with a cosmetic dentistry restoration to improve the look of your smile but repair damage that may have occurred, dental bonding treatments may be the exact procedure you're looking for. Dental bonding treatments are extremely popular for individuals who are wishing to... Read more »

Important Dental Insight on Dental Crowns

  Do you have optimum oral health but suffer from a single damaged tooth or a few teeth that simply do not look the way you wish? Are you having issues with teeth that are continually vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay? A highly effective treatment option such as a... Read more »

Shed Some Light on Tooth Hazard Warning Signs

  Your teeth and gums are extremely delicate which means they will need to be cared for delicately. The more than you understand the fragile nature of your mouth, the better prepared you can make it. By understanding the risks in this world and tooth hazards that can arise anytime,... Read more »

How Removing Impacted Wisdom Teeth Can Give You a Healthier Smile

Taking good care of your teeth will make your smile healthier. Unfortunately, your third molars, when they try to come in, may need to be removed altogether. This situation arises when there is no room for these teeth to come through properly. Because these are the last of your teeth... Read more »

Tooth Enamel Erosion from Malnutrition or an Eating Disorder Often Requires Treatment with Increased Fluoride

If you’ve struggled in the paste with malnutrition problems related to a chronic eating disorder, then you have likely felt the medical impact on your overall quality of life. At the same time, it’s also important to note that an eating disorder can also have an effect on the health... Read more »