Do You Have Dental Anxiety?

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Severe dental anxiety can make it very difficult to receive treatment, and might keep you from getting the care you need. We may suggest that you make use of sedation dentistry to help you to relax when you see the dentist. Two of the options for sedation dentistry are nitrous oxide and oral sedation.

– Nitrous oxide: This form of sedation is also known as laughing gas, as its effects can make you feel euphoric. It is inhaled through a mask worn over your nose, and the constant flow of gas during your treatment helps you achieve full relaxation. You will remain conscious the whole time, and can still communicate with the dentist if you need to do so. The effects wear off quickly after the mask is removed so that you can drive home and return to your normal activities.

– Oral sedation: Usually offered as a pill, oral sedation needs to be taken in advance so that you feel the effects at the time of your appointment and can relax in the dental chair. While it can reduce dental anxiety, you won’t fall asleep from the effects. You should let the dentist know about any other medication you are taking, and you should take the sedative at the time prescribed by the dentist.

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