Got a Missing Tooth? Here Are Your Treatment Options

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Although it’s uncommon, a tooth can go missing. Sometimes it occurs when a tooth is knocked out when a tooth is so decayed that it needs to be extracted, or even when an accident occurs and a blow to the face damages the smile. Having missing teeth can be quite inconvenient and even troublesome. In fact, it can alter your oral health if you’re not careful. This is why our dentists encourage you to replace your missing teeth quickly. There are many treatments that can help you, including:

-A dental bridge (A dental bridge is a false tooth surrounded by dental crowns. The crowns anchor to the remaining teeth on both sides of the gap while the false tooth fills the gap in the smile.)

-A dental implant (A dental implant is both a replacement tooth and its root. It is made of a titanium post (that is inserted into the jawbone), an attachment piece (that holds the replacement tooth), and a dental crown (that fills the gap between the teeth).)

-Dentures (Dentures are removable appliances that can replace all of your teeth (complete dentures) or just a few of your teeth (partial dentures).)

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