Important Dental Insight on Dental Crowns

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Do you have optimum oral health but suffer from a single damaged tooth or a few teeth that simply do not look the way you wish? Are you having issues with teeth that are continually vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay? A highly effective treatment option such as a dental crown may be needed to protect a tooth from future damage as well as provide the tooth with the look that you desire.

Protecting teeth on all sides often results in additional benefits of added durability. This is because dental crowns can function as a secondary shield atop your tooth enamel to prevent numerous oral health issues and conditions associated with dental erosion and other forms of tooth decay. Furthermore, dental crowns can improve the look of teeth by customizing the look, shape, and color of it.

The longevity of dental crowns is well known. Even a single dental crown can effectively help protect a tooth for a very long time. Furthermore, dental crowns can be used to help protect teeth that have sustained previous restorations in the form of implants, root canals, or even dental bridges. This added layer of protection ensures that your restoration and your tooth will be secure.

If a tooth has suffered severe dental erosion and a cavity is present, a dental filling will be needed. However, in some situations, there is not enough tooth remaining to hold a filling on its own. In situations such as these, a dental crown can be used to effectively bind the filling and tooth together. Dental crowns can even be used to help fuse together bits of broken teeth to ensure the look and the function of the tooth is restored once more.

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