Let Us Help You Treat Cavities Before They Develop

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It’s important that you report any extreme or ongoing tooth discomfort to your dentist, as this could be a warning sign of cavities in your smile. Restoring your tooth enamel before the inner tooth suffers significant damage can make all the difference in preserving your tooth. If you take time to visit the dentist every six months and receive dental checkups, you can stop cavities before they develop.

Main Street Dental advocates for regular dental exams and cleanings to detect any developing symptoms of tooth decay or gum disease so that we can treat the earliest stages and provide the most conservative and affordable dental care possible. Delaying cavity treatment could cause you to lose your natural smile if tooth decay becomes advanced and requires restorative dentistry such as an invasive dental filling, root canal or other treatment options.

You can detect a cavity by being aware of symptoms such as:

– Feeling a sharp or throbbing discomfort when the tooth bites into food or chews
– Tooth sensitivity when you eat cold, hot or sweet food or breathe cool air
– Tooth enamel that has been chipped or fractured
– Dark spots on a tooth

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